Tender No ocds-zinqhl-007207-EB/MPE/EP007-NG
Advertising/Procuring Entity MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
Tender Name LOT 3: PROCUREMENT OF BESDA BOOKS - Procurement of P3 English Textbooks (Early Grade Reading) 27,500 copies and Procurement of P3 IgboTextbooks (KA ANYI GUO) 27,500 copies
Opening Date 2021-09-20T14:00
Deadline 2021-09-20T14:00

S/N Company Envelope Bid Opening Status Tender Amount Financial Bid Score %
1 DON-JACKADE RESOURCES NIG Price BOQ Opened 56,730,438.00 35.693417856352
2 ABAMS WORLDWIDE VENTURES NIG Price BOQ Opened 50,758,813.00 21.409900187263
3 DOMIJO MULTI BUSINESS RESOURCES Price BOQ Opened 59,716,250.00 42.835176690897