e-GP Platform is a web-based, collaborative system to facilitate the full lifecycle of a tendering process, for both buyers and suppliers. It offers a secure, interactive, dynamic environment for procurements of any nature, complexity or value, enforcing (where appropriate) and encouraging recognised best practices.

e-GP Platform supports the process of procuring works, services and supplies electronically. Different public procurement procedures are supported for both one-off or repetitive purchases through several dedicated sub-modules providing facilities for user registration, tender notification, bid preparation and submission, online bid evaluation, contract awarding, creation and management of catalogue-based information, placement of electronic purchase orders, electronic Invoicing and order tracking.

SequenceRegister yourself and your organisation in the system
▪ Obtain access to the user manuals
▪ View the latest tender publications
▪ Find a specific tender by searching the tender registry
▪ View the details of a tender and navigate through all the avaialble documentation
▪ Download available documentation
Why register ▪ Become a registered contractor, supplier, service provider or consultant to do business with Ebonyi state government.
▪ Single registration qualifies you to participate in tender activities in different MDAs
▪ Obtain full access to documentation of published tenders.
▪ Participate actively in tenders. Submit your bids and request for clarifications